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If you are a member of the Everett Rock and Gem Club, this page is for you! Check here for event reminders and other information regarding membership. If you need more information about anything posted on this page, please call a board member or click here to send an email to the club.

Please bring treats to one of our meetings (purchased or homemade)

Your assigned month is based on the first letter of your last name, as follows:

          JAN - A,B           JUL - N,O,P,Q
          FEB - C,D           AUG - R
          MAR - E,F           SEP - S
          APR - G,H           OCT - T,U,V
          MAY - I,J,K         NOV - W
          JUN - L,M           DEC - A-Z (potluck)


Upcoming Events

May 21

ERGC Monthly Meeting

Rock of the Month - Obsidian

Jun 9

Rock Tumbling - BASIC

Basic Rock Tumbling Equipment & Operations


Jun 18

ERGC Monthly Meeting

Rock of the Month - Rhodonite

Jun 29

Wire Wrapping with Char

Wire Wrapping with Char


Jul 13

Large Rock Polishing

How to polish rocks from a few pounds to way too big....