The Fall & Winter Class schedule is coming together!  
We are working to establish the dates and courses for the list of classes below.   These will be scheduled at various times over the next year so please check back often.   

Please let us know if there are any additional classes you would like to see on the club schedule.  

1 Introduction to Rock Hounding & Rock Sourcing
2 Introduction to Rock Tumbling - Basic
3 Introduction to Rock Tumbling - Advance
4 Rock Polishing
5 Petrified Wood
6 Fossils
7 Cabbing - Raw rocks to finished Cabachons
8 Sphere Making
9 Wire Wrapping
10 Chain Making
11 Ring Making
12 Silver Smithing
13 Inlays
14 Basic Jewelry Design
15 Advanced Jewelry Design
16 How to catalog, track & manage a rock collection

ER&G Class Coordinator